This year in may (27-29),together with association “Kejos the-at-er” I am planning to organise an international event under a proud sounding name “Srodkowoeuropejskie spotkania cyrkowo-teatralne” (Middle European theatre-circus meetings). Association Kejos the-at-ar is gathering people actively busy, fascinated in circus art and physical theatre.
In Poland-Wroclaw we want to coordinate 3-days long cultural and educational project based on structure of juggling convention (juggling conventions are organised every year by European Juggling Association, but we do not plan to limit ourselves to juggling only. The idea of the project is to establish a place where many different people passionate in distinct forms of physical art can exchange experiences and contacts, learn from each other and teach and present themselves in front of the new public. This idea will come to a real world by opening a sport gym, circus tent and the green area around it to the participants of the festival and the public. The quality of the experiment depends from open minded approach and will to create and play together, of the participants.
As you know on an international juggling convention it looks like this that people write on a main board about the workshop (theme, time, place) where the members of the festival can see it. Because this form of art (juggling, circus with no animals...) is very new in Poland we will organise it in the same manner, but we will have some workshops planed beforehand and placed in a regular program.
Likely in Poland there is a pretty big interest in juggling, acrobatics etc..., but there is no contact between communities and no communication. By this event we want to gather all the people busy with juggling and circus in Poland, to create juggling net here. As well we want to invite artists from the west and the east to show variety and possibility witch circus brings to town. In general the idea of the festival is: promote circus art in the east of Europe. Poland has a very strong theatre tradition and there are many interesting theatres busy with body and physics as a form of expression. Somehow we sense that we could combine theatre with circus art, the festival will be a try of that idea.
Festival will be advertised in a media.
On the first day except of workshops will take place open stage, where artists can present ready circus numbers, parts of their shows, theatrical etudes, dance est. Next day as well as previous we plan to start with workshops session and finish with Gala-show ,where professional artists: actors, showmen, jugglers, acrobats, mimes, clowns will perform. Spectacle will be open to the public from outside of the festival. The last day will include Juggling Olympics (manual-group games, contests from spontaneously created teems). Afterwards the parade will move across the town to the main square (centre) where street performances will take place. We will have a tent with activities for children, and for this workshop the entry will be free. (child and one of the parents)