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Social Educircation 2014-2016 Print E-mail
Monday, 28 December 2015 21:45

Az Erasmus+ program szakképzési alprogramjában nyertünk támogatást a Social Educircation program folytatására a 2014-2016 években.
A partnerek mindegyike egy képzést bonyolít le országában a szociális cirkusz témakörében  valamely célcsoportra koncentrálva.A projektben 7 ország cirkuszi szervezete vesz részt 
A projekt részleteiről - képzéseiről, partnereiről és eredményeiről a oldalon lehet tájékozódni. 
Alábbiakban angolul adunk összefoglalást a programról.
Az eddig megvalósult képzések magyar résztvevőinek beszámolói itt olvashatóak:

további beszámolók találhatóak a projekt honlapján. 

The SOCIAL EDUCIRCATION project was created to share theoretical information and practical experiences in the field of social circus among the project partners and to disseminate it to a wider circus and social professional community. 

Social circus means to carry out social work with circus tools. To use the magic of circus to work with special groups who have fewer possibilities: immigrants, physical or mental disabilities,  ethnic minorities, elder people, orphans, street children, youth or adult prisoners.

In our project we aim TO MAKE SOCIAL CIRCUS A WIDER-USED METHOD OF WORKING WITH SOCIALLY EXCLUDED GROUPS. To show that circus can be an alternative way of reaching social, physical and mental development. 

We are to provide SPECIALIZED VOCATIONAL TRAINING to key personnel from our organisations in two different manners: 5 days training in groups and individual job shadowing. 

We aim to make SOCIAL CIRCUS MORE USED BY THE HEALTH EDUCATION SECTOR. We cooperate with local NGOs, health or social care centres and educating institutions, as these are places where people can benefit from social circus. Each of the partners have a fixed target group and works strongly with certain institutions, and in this project we will widen our connections with these sectors.

Each partner works with more than 500 clients/patients per year, some of us thousands. We have an average 400-2000 occasional clients a year per organisation and we work with 50-300 clients on regular basis (during weekly sessions). This is a minimum of 8000-10000 clients we reach every single year. Still, we cannot respond fully to the emerging demands.

SOLIDATING OUR social circus activity is an important issue. Most of the partners have started to build their profile in social circus during the last two years. To continue our activities at a national level, and to be able to reach a therapeautic goal, we need to continue in this experience: we need the international platform of this network and its specialized trainings.

To have another 2 year training exchange, and the added possibilities to learn from each other, will enhance the quality of our national activity on a remarkable scale.

The project touches the EMPLOYMENT MARKET strongly :  
- Our employees get VOCATIONAL TRAINING, so become more qualified. 
- by our MULTIPLIER effect we can transmit the idea of social circus to TEACHERS and educators, developers working in the social sector. 
- our CLIENTS, or the focus and target groups we are working with, GET COMPETENCIES which are essential for integration into the   working market. 
- the social circus market grows.

Social circus is an emerging sector in the last 20 years.  Since its inception, after several sessions were made with different target groups throughout the world, Europe started to have its own 'market' and now nearly every country in Europe has at least a small branch of circus people who dedicate themselves to this mission.  Although these groups exist, they are still isolated. No common forum exists for Social Circus, though it is on the way to being established, and no finance exists in the countries for their vocational expertise. 

Social Educircation is an important project because it gives 7 very different European countries a chance to work together and learn from each other. It also gives us the possibility to share our experiences with other European organisations through our dissemination activity.

We know SOCIAL SECTORS in every country NEED NEW IMPULSES, INNOVATIVE METHODS and people who participate in the process of therapy. We probably do not have to justify that hospitals, health centres, seniors homes, orphans homes, immigrant camps and homeless people are numerous throughout Europe, so all efforts made in these areas must be highlighted. 

Each of the partners runs activities already in social circus and we cannot respond to the enquiries completely for two reasons: 
- we need further training to raise the quality  
- we need more people to rise to the demand. 

Partners have DIFFERENT APPROACHES to this topic - each country has different social, cultural and political backgrounds and therefore we can share different experience. We want to find the differences but also common things, and the methods, which reflect those needs and can be used with every target group. Our target groups (clients, patients) are also very diverse. 

- secure the continuous vocational education of professionals (including HR responsible, tutor/mentors) 
- transfer information 
- circulate any other kind of information and connection, and make new contacts 
- get to know each other and meet new possible cooperators 
- Develop the management (thematic, logistics and finances-administration)of social circus projects. A social circus project 
is specific by being both - a circus event and social work at the same time.